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Samis Online releases alternative to wheat flour

Jan 18,2024 | Samis Online

Samis Online is offering an alternative to wheat flour that has amazing health benefits.

The Afro-Caribbean retail and e-commerce business that specialises in high quality products, mainly sourced from West Africa, has brought out one of its popular products in Cassava flour.

Cassava flour is made by grating and drying the fibrous cassava root and is a great substitute for wheat and other flours. Any recipe that calls for wheat flour – Cassava flour can be used instead, it’s perfect for easy to make gluten-free meals.

The health benefits include:

  • Cassava flour is gluten-free. It is a great choice for gluten-free baking, ideal for people who have gluten sensitivities or disorders.
  • Cassava flour is low in calories, fat, and sugar. Compared with other gluten-free flours, such as coconut or almond, cassava flour has a low-fat content. It has a high-water content and a lower calorie density than flours like corn, plantain, rice, coconut, sorghum, and wheat. is the UK’s one-stop online superstore for the highest quality and authentic Afro-Caribbean produce. Samis Online is a specialist in groceries and original products, sourced from Ghana, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, South Africa, the Caribbean and the West Indies.

Samis has two outlets in Birmingham – Samis Wholesale and Samis Express and 1 franchise store in Northampton.

Samis Online stocks bestselling products from its own brand Pride of Africa as well as other well-known brands such as Tropical Sun, Africa’s Finest and Maggi. Pride of Africa’s pounded yam is their fastest selling product in the UK.

Part of the Samis online brand is which brings all the wonderful ingredients and flavours from Africa and the Caribbean to the ready-meal market, providing an alternative taste to more traditional ready-meal cuisines that already exists and bringing convenience to kitchens worldwide.