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The Nigerian Couple Changing the Narrative with African Food in Diaspora

Jan 19,2024 | Samis Online

Samis Online African Foods is an African food business founded by Segun Akande and Oyetola Akande. The Couple (Akandes) held a media round table on Tuesday 1st August. The roundtable was moderated by Joshua Ewere Lead Strategist at SoMe Solutions, who introduced Samis Online African Foods by praising them for their consistency over the years. Founded in 2019, Samis Online African Foods has been on a mission to ensure that there is access to quality African ingredients and seamless local and international deliveries to your doorstep.

It was a great opportunity for the couple to speak about their partnership and running a successful business in the diaspora.The longstanding relationship between Mr Segun Akande, a chemical engineer and Mrs Oyetola Akande, a chemical engineer by profession, shows that a married couple can indeed work together and accomplish great things. The two entrepreneurs have grown over the years, relying on each other’s strengths to build an innovative, community enabled brand.

The Akandes’ success is an inspiration to other couples looking to build businesses together. Their partnership is built on a foundation of mutual respect, trust, and a shared vision for the future. They have leveraged each other’s strengths to create a successful business that is making a difference in the Nigerian community in the UK. Read more…