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Birmingham couple open first African trade cash and carry in UK

Apr 17,2024 | Samis Online

A BLACK Birmingham-based couple have opened the first African trade cash and carry in the United Kingdom.


Founded by Olusegun Akande and his wife, Oyetola, Pride of Africa Trade Cash and Carry, will be the first one-stop African trade cash and carry in the UK, that is exclusively Black owned. 

The new cash & carry will provide a wide selection of specialty items, spices, seasoning, sauces, grains, beverages, fish, meat, poultry, palm oil, cooking oil and snacks, sourced directly from Africa for retailers, distributors, restaurateurs and caterers.

In a statement released to The Voice, co-founder Olusegun Akande said: “This first of its kind facility marks not just a milestone for us, but a promise fulfilled to our community. It reflects our heart towards the potential of local commerce in Birmingham, especially within the African and Caribbean community.

“Our aim is to both serve and uplift this community. We have only just officially launched, but already provided over 70 jobs and access to a wide range of authentic goods sourced directly from Africa and other parts of the world. We urge our community to join us in this journey, as together we build a stronger, more inclusive future.”

Co-founder Oyetola Akande: “This isn’t just about transactions, it’s about building relationships and empowering our community, giving them access to the rich and diverse culinary heritage of Africa. We’ve created a space where African and Caribbean businesses can thrive and customers can find value for their money, so we seek the support of our community, not just as customers but as partners in our mission to create a flourishing local economy.”

The entrepreneurial couple – who are of Nigerian heritage – have extensive experience in the food industry, with Olusegun being the co-founder and director of Samis Online, an Afro-Caribbean retail and e-commerce food business.

His wife, Oyetola, has also opened a restaurant and bar; Empress Bar and Grill, and recently an African catering business, Oyetty Ready Meals which is available for delivery UK-wide and in notable African food stores all over the UK.

Grand opening

At the grand opening at the weekend, the team were joined by broadcasters Marverine Cole from GMB News and Nikki Tapper from BBC WM to cut the red ribbon in front of specially invited guests.

The couple are also calling for more businesses to support Black communities. 

Olusegun added: “We are thrilled that our family and friends could join us for the Grand Opening Day and celebration of this milestone – a result of our relentless dedication to bridging the gap and ensuring that our African and Caribbean communities are seen and fully catered to.

“We’ve gone the extra mile to make this a reality, creating over 70 jobs and counting in the process, and we hope that the community will continue support us.”

Located in New John Street West, the new 25,000 square foot warehouse aims to be a hub for African and Caribbean cuisine enthusiasts, offering a wide selection of specialty products.

Andy Street, Mayor for the West Midlands, said: “It’s great to see how a combination of entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the community has resulted in this unique local business becoming a commercial reality. This venture has created 70 jobs both full and part time and is a valuable asset to the economic growth of our multicultural city.”