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Samis Online Barbeque Seasonings Review

Jan 18,2024 | Samis Online

I love to cook from scratch and especially enjoy cooking with spices. This week we have been livening up mealtimes with a couple of spice mixes from Samis Online the UK’s one-stop online superstore for the highest quality and authentic Afro-Caribbean produce. Samis Online are specialists in groceries and original products that are carefully sourced from Ghana, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, South Africa, the Caribbean and the West Indies to deliver the authentic taste of Afro-Caribbean food to its customers.

With a mouth-watering selection of spice rubs and seasonings giving an instant flavour injection I was quite excited to try the Barbeque Seasoning and the Suya Spice, a peanut based BBQ spice. We had a family BBQ at the weekend, so it was the perfect opportunity to try out the spices. I decided to try them with chicken so simply rubbed them onto chicken breasts and left them to marinate for an hour. I was a little unsure on how much to add as there is no guidance on the tub, but I suppose everyone has different tastes when it comes to spices. My first batch was a little too spicy but the batch I made that was mixed with a natural yogurt was a real winner and was a big hit with my family.

Both seasonings are bursting with flavour and smelt simply amazing whilst cooking on the BBQ. Samis Online have a great selection of spices, the only problem is choosing which ones to try next!